The Trochanteric femoral nail is designed for treating the fractured bones of hips especially for elderly. An extensive range of orthopedic implants such as hip screw, Trochanteric femoral nail, locking plates, bone plates for various surgeries are presented by our professionals. The Trochanteric femoral nail is the most simple and convenient method for faster recovery of the fractured bones of hips. These femoral nail improves the stability of the bones and reduce the complications. It also promotes the rate of recovery of the fractured bones. We are one of the leading manufacturers of the trochanteric femoral nails for the medical industry. The Trochanteric femoral nails are generally made up of titanium alloy. All the orthopedic implants are manufactured with high grade quality materials. We have served many medical sectors with our wide range of orthopedic instruments.

Trochanteric Femoral Nail features :

  • Proximal End
  • Interlocking Options
  • Multiple Holes
  • Compression Options