Fractured bone effects on the moving of body parts and giving pain. Due to muscular forces the broken bones are move away from each other. An orthopedic screws help to keep the broken bones together, so that the process of bone fractures healing or recovery is being fast. Our orthopedic screws allows the surgeon to control the rigidity of plating constructs.

HCM Orthocare is most renowned orthopedic screws manufacturer in India. Since our establishment we have been involved in manufacturering new solutions to improve the outcomes of surgery in all over India as well as world.

Cortex Screw in india

Cortex screws are medical device that are preferred by india’s most known orthopedic specialist for fixation of broken bone during the treatment of fracture. HCM Orthocare manufactures these cortex screws with utmost care and highly reliable non toxic biomaterial.

Cannulated Screws

We specially designed Cannulated Screws are used to fixed and repair small and long bone fracture. These screws are manufactured in the strict supervision of our diligent and dexterous specialists, with high quality raw materials and other components.

Cancellous Screw

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one the most well known manufacturer and exporter of Cancellous screws used for recovery and fixation of cancellous bone in the metaphysis area of long bones. Our manufactured cancellous screws provide a durable and stable internal fixation of certain distal femoral and subtrochanteric fractures.