Trauma Bone Plate & Screw are used by orthopedic surgeons for the fixation of the bones in the human body. Furthermore, the plates and screws are used to immobilize the fracture bone structure. All the orthopedic instruments such as screws, plates, rods and cages are surgically inserted into the bone cavity as per the required recovery of the fractures in different parts of the body. They help in recovery and stability of the fractured bones. By placing them appropriately in the affected areas of the bones in a way they hold the broken bones, it supports in stabilizing the bones and promotes healing. All the orthopedic implants are manufactured as per the requirement of the surgery. These implants are generally manufactured with stainless steel and titanium alloys as they provide strength. A wide range of trauma bone plates and trauma bone screws with various sizes are available at HCM orthocare. We are one of the reliable manufacturers and exporters of the trauma bone plate & screw and other orthopedic instruments for fractured bones in the industry.

Trauma Bone Plate & Screw specification:-

  • Shape and Size
  • Number of Holes
  • Locking vs. Non-Locking
  • Hole Spacing
  • Material