The cervical cage is designed for treating the lower back pain or neck by surgically placing the cage in the spinal bones. These cage acts as a space holder between the vertebrae by helping the bone to grow through to recover and stabilize the spine. Cervical cages are manufactured in various shapes and sizes as per the requirements. Generally, the cervical cages are fabricated from metal, plastic, bone or carbon fiber. Mostly, after the surgery, the cervical cages are ideal for fusion or recovery between the vertebrae. The fusion of the bones promotes the spinal stability. We offer an extensive collection of cervical cage for the orthopedics. There are different types of cages available such as Tlif Cage, Plif Cage and self locking cervical cage. We are one of the leading manufacturers of the premium class quality cervical cage in the industry. Furthermore, we are the exporter of the cervical cage in India. All the products are quality tested under the quality management standards.

Cervical Cage advantages :

  • Spinal Stability
  • Fusion Promotion
  • Height Restoration
  • Preservation of Motion