We are engaged in manufacturers, suppliers and exporters high range of Bone screws plates such as Bone Screws, Bone Plates ,Products etc. We use larger quality of the fresh visible which is bought from the reliable and trustworthy sellers. Our products range includes Bone Screws, Bone Plates, Bone Screws, Cortical Screw. Raw physical comprises of titanium and stainless steel which is worldwide rated procured from the genuine vendors. National of the art machinery is used in the production of our much-admired range which consists of the CNC machine and CAD system.

bone screws plates Manufacturer

Since our establishment, HCM Orthocare has evolved to constantly improve surgical outcomes by manufacturing and exporting bone screws plates at reasonable price. Bone screw plates are medical devices that required for internal fixation of a joint or broken bone in orthopedic implant surgeries. We offer an exclusive range of bone screw and bone plates to address a various types of fractures present at different anatomic positions.

Our full product line is precisely catalogued for simple construction and the identification which ensures high grade of reliability and quality. We manufacture a range of Bone screw plates that are find an orthopedic and spine applications in medical and health care industry.

Bone Plate

Bone Plates are widely used for healing the broken bones. These orthopedic bone plates hold the fractured bones together.

Bone plate solutions include complex contoured and flat T Plates, Tubular Plates, Reconstruction Plates for spine fixation, orthopedic fracture applications, humeral, ankle, finger, hip and condylarplate systems.

Bone Screw

Bone Screw are the one of the general purpose fixation medical devices used with bone plates in repairing or reconstruction surgery. The bone screws are widely used by surgeons to heal broken bones and torn muscles enable recovery from a wide range of bone injuries.

We supply an excusive range of bone screws such as cortical screws, cortex screws, malleolar screws, hip and condylar implants screws, cortex screw, cannulated screws and cancellous screw at reasonable price in Ahmedabad, India.