Orthopedic Clamps, Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Orthopedic Clamps in India

HCM Orthocare is involved in manufacturing orthopedic clamps conforming to the national and international standard of quality. Orthopedic clamps manufacturer offer the connection between the bone plates and the external fixator. Our range of extraordinary orthopedic clamps includes orthopedic open clamps, t clamps and tube to tube clamps.

Manufacturer Of Orthopedic Clamps

Orthopedic Open Clamps

Orthopedic open clamps is fixation device that facilitate the optimal fixation of bone plates, bone screws, external wires, pins during orthopedic implants. Owing to our immense 9 years of experience, we are manufacturing orthopedic open clamps at economical rate in all over india.

Orthopedic Open Clamps