The orthopedic instruments are the surgical instruments used to treat the abnormalities or fractured bones, ligaments, tendons and tissues. All the instruments are constructed as per the requirement of the fixation of various bones. Basically, the orthopedic instruments are the surgical instruments used for the treatment of the fractured bones.  Various types of orthopedic instruments such as bone screws, bone plates, pins, cages, special locking plates, anterior cervical plates, posterior cervical screw are available for every type of fractured bones including spine bones, hand, wrist, forearms, shoulder, elbow, hips and other body parts. We are one of the reliable manufacturers of the orthopedic instruments in Ahmedabad. Additionally, we are engaged in exporting and supplying a wide range of orthopedic instruments in India.

Orthopedic Instruments Features :

  • Non-Reflective Finish
  • Markings and Measurements
  • Cutting Blades
  • Single-Use Instruments
  • MRI Compatibility